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Wreaths & Poinsettias 

During your holiday visit to Fritz Farm & Nursery, be sure to come inside the store to warm up next to our coal burning stove and smell the fresh scents of the holidays. Inside, you’ll see our fresh wreaths are made from Frasier fir greens. They are available decorated with other natural greenery and festive holiday decor or undecorated for you to create a masterpiece. Centerpieces and other holiday greenery can be found throughout the store to help you decorate your house with no effort at all. 

Inside out greenhouse, a burst of beautiful colors await. The poinsettias are available in variety of colors, size, and ever patterns. Some of our favorite varieties, other then the classic red white include Rose bud and mixed Red & white. Hanging baskets are even available to set in the center of your holiday table. You will have a difficult time leaving with just one once you see the vivid reds and stunning pinks. 

Make a Holiday Tradition by bringing the whole family to Fritz Farm & Nursery and selecting that perfect Christmas Tree and Holiday Decorations.

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