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Your landscape project may call for the use of different colors, heights, and textures. This can easily be accomplished by using shrubs. Fritz Farm and Nursery stocks many beautiful varieties for cyprus, hollies, grasses, ground cover, azaleas, and many more species which can be used in your landscaping. 

Come and see the large selection of shrubs that can be used as stand alone plants or in combination with other shrubs and trees to make your beds and landscape picture perfect. 

Depending on the time of year, many shrubs will bloom with colorful flowers or berries, or even attract butterflies to your yard. Contact us or visit Fritz Farm and Nursery to see what’s in bloom during different seasons of the year. We can recommend shrubs to help your garden bloom almost year round.

• Azaleas
• Arborvitae
• Barberry
• Boxwood
• Butterfly Bushes
• Cherry Laurel
• Cotoneaster
• Crape Myrtles
• Cyprus
• Euonymus
• Ground Covers

• Hollies
• Hydrangeas
• Junipers
• Knockout and Carpet Roses
• Leucothoe
• Liriope
• Magnolia
• Ornamental grasses
• Rhododendron
• Spirea

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