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Christmas Trees

Come to Fritz Farm & Nursery to find the answers to your every holiday need with our Christmas trees, holiday wreaths, and poinsettias. 

Christmas Trees & Wreaths
Starting the day after Thanksgiving, we have wonderful display of full, green, beautiful Christmas trees perfect for your holiday season. For your convenience, we offer Frasier fir cut Christmas trees in many sizes ranging from 5’-12’+. The Cut trees are arranged so you and your family can find that perfect tree that will fit in your home. Whether it is tall and slender or short and very round, you’re sure to find one that you all love.

For those families looking for something to plant after the holidays, we also offer a large selection of Balled Christmas trees. White Pine and Blue Spruce are two of our favorites. We also offer many smaller potted evergreens that can be planted after the holidays and make great holiday color around the house inside or outside. Add a simple red bow and a strand of white light for a fast outside decoration.

Make a Holiday Tradition by bringing the whole family to Fritz Farm & Nursery and selecting that perfect Christmas Tree and Holiday Decorations.

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